A Grieving Dog Mom Can’t Bear To Part With Her Stillborn Pups And Revisits Their Burial Site

A distressing footage captured a worried mom’s pet dog digging up the graves of her beloved puppies and attempting to snatch them. The heartbreaking incident took place in Suzhou, a province in Anhui, China, soon after the delivery of the baby pups.

According to Mr. Qin, the owner of the dog in question, two newborn puppies unfortunately did not survive and were laid to rest with their bodies buried “five to six times” above the ground. A video has surfaced where the dog can be seen holding a deceased puppy in its mouth while the owner strokes the animal and attempts to release the body from its grip.

In the second video, we witness a heart-wrenching scene where a mother dog lovingly kisses the bodies of her two deceased puppies. The owner had buried them in a small grave, which the mother dog had managed to dig up to reach her babies. As the owner caresses the grieving dog, she breaks down in tears, overwhelmed with emotion.

The third video depicts a heart-wrenching scene where a dog is seen carrying one of its deceased puppies while walking along a path. The footage concludes with Mr. Qin taking the puppy from the dog and holding its lifeless body in his hand.

It is unclear if additional puppies were born during the delivery process.

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