A Heartbreaking Tale of a Canine Grieving its Owner by Shedding Tears Like a Person during the Funeral

Belinha, an adorable dog, and her owner Telma Maria have been the best of friends for four years. They were inseparable until a while ago when they had to part ways. However, Belinha still loves her owner with all her heart.

Belinha was a constant companion to Maria, who lived in Brazil, during her prolonged struggle with sickness. Despite Maria’s declining health, the loyal dog stayed by her side, providing much-needed comfort and support. Tragically, Maria passed away earlier this month, leaving behind a devoted furry friend.

According to Dionsio Neto, Maria’s son, his mother claimed that Belinha was her nurse. He also mentioned that Belinha was a great friend who remained faithful to Maria.

It was natural for Maria to be present at Belinha’s funeral, considering how much she meant to her. Belinha appeared solemn alongside other relatives, seeming to comprehend the seriousness of the mournful occasion.

Maria’s son was profoundly affected by what happened next. Belinha surprised everyone by staying beside Maria for the entire service, just as she had done when Maria was still alive. Neto wanted to capture these poignant moments on camera and commented, “Animals show us unconditional love.”

Belinha could not stop crying even after the ceremony and kept missing her dear friend Maria. To console her, Neto and some relatives decided to take Belinha to where Maria now lives. The visit seemed to soothe Belinha’s grief to some extent.

As time goes by, Belinha’s wounded heart will slowly heal as she finds comfort in the fact that Maria is always close by. With Neto providing her a forever home, Belinha won’t have to suffer through the pain of loss all on her own.

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