A Simple Guide to Propagating Hoya through Leaf and Stem Cuttings

If you’re new to indoor gardening and want a hassle-free, charming addition to your home, consider the hoya plant, also called wax plant. These plants are not only stunning but also require minimal upkeep. They’re a great choice for beginners since they can be grown effortlessly from cuttings or even individual leaves. This article will teach you how to cultivate hoya plants from both cuttings and leaves.

To begin propagating hoya from leaves, the initial move is to pick a mature and robust leaf. It’s preferable to select a leaf that has a minimum length of two inches and includes a portion of the stem. After acquiring your desired leaf, it’s essential to use a sharp and sanitized knife or scissor for making a neat cut. During this process, make sure you eliminate any flowers or buds present on the cutting.

Once you’ve cut the leaf, let it dry for a few hours until a hard layer forms over the wound. When this happens, it’s ready to be planted in soil. Take a small pot and fill it with soil that drains well. Create a tiny hole in the middle of the pot and put the leaf cutting inside of it, then cover it with soil. It’s important to water the soil generously, but don’t go overboard and water it too much.

Place the leaf cutting in a warm and well-lit spot, but keep it away from direct sunlight. After a short while, you’ll notice fresh growth emerging from the bottom of the leaf, indicating that the cutting has successfully rooted and is starting to thrive.

Let’s talk about how to propagate hoya from cuttings. Firstly, make a clean 45-degree angled cut using a sharp and sterile knife or scissors. Ensure that you remove any flowers or buds on the cutting. Let it dry for a few hours until the wound has calloused over. Once that’s done, it’s time to plant the cutting in soil. Fill a small pot with well-draining soil, and create a small hole in the center. Place the cutting in the hole and cover it with soil. Water the soil thoroughly but avoid overwatering. Keep the potted cutting in a warm and bright location, but away from direct sunlight, just like a leaf cutting. New growth should sprout from the base of the cutting in a few weeks.

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