“A Tale of Love and Balance: The Inspiring Journey of a Dog with Disabilities and Her Dedicated Human Companion”

A cute and endearing dog that was deserted and left to suffer has become a master of walking and running on just two legs. Despite being born with only two front legs, Putol has defied the odds and refused to let her disability hold her back. Her devoted owner, Danilo Codilego Jr., has helped her to achieve this incredible feat, which is evident in a delightful video where we see the six-year-old pup running at an impressive pace on her front paws. In the Tagalog language of the Luzon region in the Philippines, Putol means “chopped”, but she is far from broken. She can often be found running alongside other dogs and exploring the streets and alleys of Casiguran neighborhood in Quezon City.

Let’s take a moment to ponder on the sad fact that this adorable little dog has been given the unfortunate nickname of ‘chopped’. Even though the name is both unkind and endearing, it does not define her character. Despite her name, this young pup is a beloved member of the community due to her courage and zest for life. Danilo, a nearby truck driver, recounts how he met Putol, the two-legged puppy, six years ago while working at a local bakery. A co-worker had brought in four puppies with the intention of selling them for 5000 pesos (£115/$151) each. While the other pups were quickly taken, nobody showed any interest in Putol.

It can be quite irritating to hear that kind of comment. Danilo kept going and mentioned that nobody thought she would survive for long. But I was the only brave one who took care of her. We took chances because we felt sorry for her. “Putol” was the only name we could think of. Seriously? What about Molly, Coco, or Willow? I can easily come up with three different names right now, my friend.

Putol encountered a difficulty in her early years when she had trouble walking. Nevertheless, she overcame this hurdle by learning to balance on her front legs and adapted to her new way of moving around. Nowadays, she takes on the responsibility of safeguarding the property and ensuring that her owner remains protected. Her owner, Danilo, describes Putol as a faithful protector who barks loudly at the slightest hint of a stranger nearby. Moreover, she can get slightly possessive when Danilo focuses his attention on other dogs. Although Putol has a strong guard dog mentality, she is still a friendly and well-regarded member of the population.

Leaving for work is not a hassle as my furry friend is well taken care of by everyone at home. It’s fortunate that she is not a fussy eater and relishes the same meals we do. Nonetheless, her medical condition makes it impossible for her to bear offspring. Nevertheless, we believe that she is too preoccupied with living life to the fullest and having a ball that puppies aren’t even on her mind!

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