“Abandoned and Pregnant: The Heartbreaking Story of a Dog Left to Fend for Herself During Birth”

It was heartbreaking to witness the pregnant pup struggling to find nourishment as she lay in a heap at the garbage site. The individual who had once owned her had left her stranded as he lacked the will to take care of her and her litter-to-be.

The owner thought that the process of delivering puppies would be both filthy and costly, leading him to dump her in an isolated area. The poor dog was in a pitiable condition with her swollen belly making it difficult for her to move around. She was exhausted and thirsty, lying under the blazing sun.

Melekler ehri Dernei provides support to the mother in need, offering comfort and strength through her compassionate actions.

You can watch the video by scrolling down. It’s sad to see the animal consumed some food that caused her discomfort. She was doing her best to remain conscious but unfortunately, she couldn’t help but feel sick. The vet checked on her and found out that she was infested with parasites and to everyone’s surprise, she was carrying puppies in her stomach. The vet confirmed through an ultrasound that she will give birth in two days. Despite her unhealthy condition, the pregnant dog was determined to deliver her puppies.

After administering the required medication and nutrition to help the dog recover, she began her delivery soon. Despite enduring a painful and arduous labor, she successfully gave birth to a healthy litter of puppies. The veterinary team ensured that both the newborns and their mother were well-fed and cozy. With time, the puppies matured and thrived, while the mother regained her strength. As a devoted parent, she took great care of her offspring.


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