Amazingly beautiful crystal beach through artistic camera angle

When it comes to a beautiful beach, usually people will immediately think of fine white sand, clear water, blue sea, golden sunshine… but the beach in ussuri bay of Russia attracts many people around the world. world by a special beauty – the beauty of broken glass.

It sounds quite dangerous, but now this glass beach is noticed by many tourists everywhere. They are not broken pieces of glass ready to injure anyone. On the contrary, those millions of fragments after many decades have been abraded into smooth, sparkling and extremely beautiful pebbles.

This glass beach, called Steklyashka, is located in ussuri bay, near the beautiful Russian city of Vladivostok. This place contains millions of colorful stones and all are made of broken glass from a long time ago.

beauty honed over time

In the past, this place used to be a glass waste dump of the city. Crockery, countless beer bottles, wine bottles, vodka bottles and used glass jars were dumped here during the Soviet era. For a time this beach was closed by the Russian government, and the local government tried to strictly protect anyone from entering the area for fear of dangerous glass shards.

but over the decades, glass fragments have been worn away by waves from the vast ocean. They are no longer sharp, jagged, but become shiny, colorful pebbles. Steklyashka beach has since taken on a new, magnificent and poetic appearance. Therefore, this glass beach is also likened to the kaleidoscope of Russia.

Visiting this place on sunny days, the light shining through the sparkling stones becomes even more eye-catching. Therefore, in the summer, it is estimated that at the peak time every day, thousands of tourists visit the beach to sunbathe and play with the beautiful glass stones. There is nothing more wonderful than relaxing on the beach while watching the great masterpiece of nature.

Steklyashka beach can be said to be the most beautiful in winter when it snows. The glass beads with so many colors stand out even more on the white snow background. People often joke that this beauty is a proof that Mother nature has wonderfully corrected human mistakes.

The problem of preserving the beach before the risk of disappearing in the future

It takes about 30 minutes by car from Vladivostok city, visitors will be able to admire the magical beauty of the glass beach – one of the most impressive bays in the world.

Glass beach has an impressive and unique beauty, so many tourists come here and they pick up these sparkling crystals as souvenirs. As the amount of rock is lost, the beach is no longer as beautiful and colorful as before.

besides, the wear and tear of nature and harsh times also cause the color of the glass beads to fade. until now, their size has been much smaller than 20 years ago. Scientists predict that this glass beach at ussuri bay may disappear in the not too distant future.

Therefore, it is extremely necessary to maintain and preserve the magical landscape here to avoid negative impacts from humans and nature. At one time, the authorities in Russia had to remind them not to bring home the glass stones on the coast, the local government is also doing their best to protect and put this area in special policy. separate.

Since Steklyashka beach became famous and attractive, many beautiful names that tourists have given to the glass beach here such as crystal beach, mirror beach … to describe the truth. The beauty of the bay is hard to describe in words.

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