Canine Call for Aid Overheard as Keeper Entombs it in Earthy Abyss

Manono Makhaphela, the principal of Luhlaza Secondary School in the Khayelitsha region of Cape Town, South Africa, made a cruel decision to bury a helpless dog with paralyzed legs alive. He believed that the dog was causing too many problems and wanted to get rid of her by any means necessary.

Makhaphela was determined to instruct her janitors to eliminate the supposed issue with extreme measures while Lily was howling for food at the park. Luckily, one of the cleaners, Bukelwa Mbulawa, decided to inform the Mdzanada Animal Clinic about the situation, ultimately saving Lily’s life. One week later, on October 20, 2011, the woman was released from the clinic.

The National Tax Authority brought Makhaphela to the Khayelitsha Magistrates Court where he faced charges, and Jane Levinson, the clinic’s project manager, appeared as a witness to give her testimony.

Marcelle du Plessis, the Fundraising and Media Manager of Mdzananda Animal Clinic expressed gratitude towards the authorities for initiating the process and hopes that Mr. Makhaphela will comply with the rules on July 18th. The clinic expects him to provide a progress report every six months for a period of five years, based on the development of his educational program.

We may never be certain of Lily’s age, but we are committed to ensuring she receives the justice she deserves. Our priority is not just this one dog, but setting a precedent for preventing animal abuse in the future.

Conversely, Poto Mfengu and Mkhumbuzi Ncedana, who were responsible for burying a dog alive and accused of animal cruelty, have been ordered to complete 150 hours of community service at the Mdzananda Animal Clinic. This punishment was handed down following the accusations made against them.

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