“Canine’s Emotional Appeal for Healing of Best Friend – Heartfelt Reflections on Animal Companionship”

Heart-wrenching pictures have surfaced depicting a devoted dog that protected its deceased companion and attempted to revive it on a bustling street in China. A passing car hit the brown husky, which was lying in the middle of the road, in Zhejiang Province on April 17.

Yesterday in Nianli village of Quzhou city, a cream-coloured dog was desperately pawing and mournfully barking at its deceased friend until their owner arrived to pick them up. This report comes from Huanqui.com, a partner of People’s Daily Online.

On the road, one can spot a husky that appears to be lying still, with its cream-colored companion keeping a watchful eye over it for about thirty minutes. The cream-colored dog frantically used its paws to try and revive the lifeless body of the husky.

In a heart-wrenching video shared on Pear Video, a grieving dog was captured trying to revive its deceased friend. The canine was deeply saddened by the loss of its companion, who had tragically passed away on a busy road with cars whizzing by. Despite the presence of a few onlookers, no one could shed light on the cause of the fatal collision.

After roughly thirty minutes had passed, a lady wearing an elegant black dress emerged and beckoned for the husky by name.

While on duty, a police officer approached her and inquired, “Do you happen to be the dogs’ owner?” To which she replied confidently, “Yes, I am.”

As the owner carried its lifeless companion to the roadside and sought help, the ivory-hued pooch trailed behind in a sorrowful manner.

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