“Canine’s Insatiable Appetite: A Tale of Hunger and Rescue from Baby Land Community”

In the previous month, a heart-rending clip was shared on our VK community page, which depicted a dog being pushed away by humans. The thin and weak dog was in dire need of assistance, and we were resolute about rescuing the animal. We arrived at the site around noon, but to our dismay, the dog was nowhere to be seen. Nonetheless, we persisted with our quest, questioning nearby residents who disclosed that the canine was not native to that vicinity.

At long last, we received information from a gentleman who claimed to have spotted the dog just a day prior. According to him, the poor animal had been abandoned in this spot by an unknown individual. She had been scavenging for food in the rubbish for a whole week, occasionally taking what she could from others, which understandably caused people to chase her away. The kind-hearted man offered her food and pointed us towards the direction where he had encountered her. After an extensive search that lasted hours, we finally laid eyes on her at approximately 3 PM.

Our hearts shattered when we laid our eyes on her. She was emaciated and exerting all her energy to consume the chicken we provided her with. We christened her “Since” as she appeared out of nowhere. The ravenousness coursing through her veins has kept her munching nonstop since yesterday. We promptly scheduled a visit with the veterinarian for the following day.

When we brought our furry friend to the vet, she was visibly distressed and vocal about it. We did our best to soothe her and make her feel at ease while we took care of her needs. It was during this visit that we learned just how long she had been neglected. Her nails were in dire need of clipping, and her uterus had been bleeding for an unknown amount of time. We couldn’t be sure what caused this, whether it was something as serious as cancer or as horrific as abuse. To get to the bottom of things, we had to have an X-ray done. In the meantime, our primary focus was on stopping the bleeding and getting her back to full health.

Although the treatment was difficult and the pain she experienced was beyond imagination, she showed great courage and perseverance. The following day brought good news, as her cancer test came back negative and her overall health was improving. Despite needing to remain hospitalized for a few additional days, we remained optimistic about her recovery.

Our beloved Since has returned to us after spending ten days under the care of the veterinarian. Although she was a bit underweight, we were relieved to have her home with us. Unfortunately, the cold weather seemed to affect her, so we decided to dress her in cozy new clothes. Fortunately, despite her condition, she was responding well to treatment, and we couldn’t be more grateful. Although she still has a ways to go, we’re determined to support her in every possible way. We kindly ask for your prayers and support during this journey.

In summary, the story of Since serves as a poignant reminder of the struggles faced by stray animals and the pressing need to assist them. These creatures are often mistreated, disregarded, and left without a home, making it our responsibility to extend empathy and care. By showing compassion towards animals and lending them a helping hand whenever we can, we have the power to affect positive change and pave the way for a brighter future for all living beings. Don’t forget to spread awareness about this cause by liking and sharing this story with your loved ones!

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