Compassionate Youth Stays with Hurt Stray Dog Until Rescued

Hüseyin el-Hasan, a teenage Syrian refugee, has renewed our belief in humanity by helping an injured stray dog. Having experienced the horrors of war, he and his family have a firsthand understanding of what it means to be caught in the middle of the Syrian conflict. Hüseyin’s resilience is remarkable as he has overcome numerous hardships that few others could endure. Fortunately, his family found refuge in Kilis, Turkey, where they currently reside as displaced persons. Despite his traumatic past, Hüseyin has not lost his compassion for those in distress, a quality that defines his character.

Upon witnessing a dog being hit by a car in the vicinity of his new home, Hüseyin sprang into action. He hurried to his car, retrieved a blanket, wrapped it securely around the injured animal to ensure its safety, and immediately called for assistance.
Despite facing challenges with heating in his own home, Hüseyin did not think twice before generously sharing his only blanket with the poor pup. He remained at the scene until the rescuers arrived, offering comfort and support to the dog throughout.

Eventually, a group of animal care workers arrived to take the dog to a veterinarian nearby. Unfortunately, it was too late for the poor animal. The young boy was heartbroken, but he could take solace in the fact that he had shown the dog some love and compassion in her final moments.

The boy’s kind act did not go unnoticed. Cuma zdemir, the deputy mayor of the city, made a special visit to Hüseyin’s home to honor the boy and his family. While some might view the boy’s actions as insignificant, Zdemir sees them as a shining example of humanity’s best qualities.

Hüseyin received a new blanket and other presents, along with a heartfelt message that his behavior on that day showcased the finest qualities of humanity. It was emphasized that we require more of such actions in our everyday lives and communities. Despite growing up in tough circumstances and being surrounded by negativity, Hüseyin never lost his compassionate nature and eagerness to spread love.

Kilis residents and Hüseyin’s loved ones take pride in their young hero who serves as an inspiration for everyone to embody the virtues of children.

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