“Daily Therapy: Man Shares Floating Sessions with 19-Year-Old Canine Companion to Relieve Pain”

Perhaps you’ve come across the famous image before – a man with a scruffy head of grey hair cradling his Shepherd mix, both peacefully drifting in water while the dog sleeps with his head resting on the man’s chest. What you might not know is the heartwarming story behind this photo. John Unger’s bond with his pup, Schoep, began when he adopted him as a playful puppy. However, as the years went by, Schoep began to experience the discomfort associated with arthritis and hip dysplasia. In an effort to ease his furry companion’s pain, Unger resorted to a unique method – floating with him in the water. By taking the weight off of Schoep’s joints, Unger was able to provide some much-needed relief for his cherished pet. It’s a touching testament to the lengths one will go for the love and comfort of a beloved animal.

Unger and his friend posed for a photo together and little did they know that it would become an instant hit, spreading like wildfire all over the world. Soon after, their heartwarming story also caught the attention of the media, and people from all corners of the globe began to generously send in donations. These funds enabled Unger to try out various pain management methods that ultimately gave him an extra year of quality time with his cherished Schoep. Although Schoep has since passed on, the love emanating from that memorable photo continues to touch lives everywhere. Don’t forget to keep that love alive and share this inspiring video with your loved ones!

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