Dog With Cancer Managed To Pay For Chemotherapy By Selling Desserts


Those who own pets are well aware – or should be aware – that they have several obligations, not just with regard to food, cleanliness, regular walks, attention and love – of course! But it also applies to your health, and you should constantly be alert of any potential issues.

Unfortunately, most disease treatments, like human health, are not cheap. As a result, some individuals turn to other ways to raise enough money to pay for them. Social media platforms are an amazing way to do this.

That’s precisely what Vanessa Euán did when she learned that Deko, the dog her sister had just acquired, had a transmissible canine venereal tumor. A condition that only affects canines and is, thankfully, treatable with chemotherapy treatments. However, the numerous chemotherapy sessions required are quite costly. And, although the sister was able to pay for the first session with her limited funds, there was not money to cover the rest.


As a way to raise the missing money, Vanessa and her sister decided to sell baked cakes. Of sure, Facebook had a role in achieving the desired result. Vanessa shared a picture of the dog holding a placard that said, “I sell cakes to pay for my chemotherapy.” Explaining the problem and seeking assistance from Internet users.


The post went viral rapidly. And in less than 24 hours, the little dog had earned enough money to pay for the rest of his treatment. Vanessa responded with a thank you letter on her Facebook page.

Fortunately, there are still good-hearted people who are unable to ignore these situations.


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