“Effortlessly Cultivate Beautiful Fuchsia Flowers in Your Home from Cuttings”

How to grow Fuchsia flowers at home from cuttings- Amazing 14 colors

Making fuchsia cuttings is a simpler and more successful way to propagate them compared to seeding. It also ensures that the new plants are true to the variety. Cuttings should be taken during spring or autumn pruning, with spring being the faster rooting season. To take a cutting, select a healthy shoot that is not yet woody and has at least two pairs of leaves. Use a clean, sharp knife to cut off the shoot below the last pair of leaves, remove lower leaves, and stick the cutting halfway into a pot filled with growing soil. Cover the pot with plastic or foil and keep it in a bright, warm location with loose and moist soil. After two to three weeks, replant the cutting into a larger pot with ordinary potting soil and wait for new pairs of leaves to develop before planting outside. Propagation by division is another option, but it can be challenging to avoid damaging the root system.

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