“Flourishing Amaryllis: A Guide to Cultivating Bulbs with Ease”

How to grow amaryllis from bulb

To avoid harm to your pets, it’s important to keep amaryllis plants out of their reach. If you want to grow amaryllis, start by soaking the bulbs to speed up growth and then plant them in a pot filled with compost. Don’t use a pot that’s too big, as amaryllis prefer to be pot-bound. After a couple of weeks in a warm, dark place, bring the pot inside once a shoot has emerged. Blooms should appear within six to eight weeks after planting. To enjoy flowers at different times throughout the year, stagger your planting by using the eight-week rule. For example, if you want Christmas blooms, plant in September. Amaryllis plants require a rich, well-drained growing medium and a warm, bright location. Pack the bulbs tightly in their containers, leaving a couple of inches for mulch. Soak the bulb and roots in lukewarm water before planting in half-filled peat-free compost. Add more compost around the bulb and gently water before adding a layer of garden grit to keep the soil moist.

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