“Forever Faithful: The Unwavering Devotion of Man’s Best Friends Even After His Passing”

Yemen-based advocates have shared an image that portrays the immense loyalty of a local citizen who passed away while feeding a group of dogs at a market in the province of Ibb. The photograph showcases the man lying next to his furry companions, symbolizing his love and dedication towards them.

The man who dedicated his life to caring for stray dogs was not abandoned by his furry companions even after his passing. Ismail Hadi had been feeding and taking care of these dogs for years, and when he passed away, the dogs surrounded him, refusing anyone to come near his body. Onlookers were touched by the display of loyalty and deep sadness shown by the dogs who had grown attached to him. A heartwarming image captured the moment of the dogs wrapping themselves around their beloved caretaker, illustrating the strong bond forged between humans and animals through care and kindness.

Abdul Karim Salam, a native of Yemen, once stated that every individual possesses an inherent goodness within them. This holds true even for those who are destitute and living a difficult life, such as Ismail Muhammad Hadi.

He further stated that even though the man was homeless and probably facing more difficulties due to the ongoing war, he had earned the title of “the dog feeder” among the locals at the Al-Dalil market in Ibb governorate. Upon his demise, the dogs who were used to being fed by him showed their loyalty by staying close to his dead body, as if acknowledging his kindness and bidding him a final farewell.

According to him, even if someone is alone and without a home, and even if they are in a very difficult situation, they have the ability to bring happiness to those around them and leave a positive legacy after they pass away.

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