“From Rainy Blues to Joyful Reunion: A Dog’s 8-Month Journey Back Home”

As the rain poured down on a Malaysian street, a dog sitting outside a store caught the attention of many people. The dog looked sad and lonely, which made passers-by feel concerned. Jim, who was filming videos for TikTok, noticed the dog’s distress and recorded it. Upon inquiry, he found out that the dog had been sitting outside for four consecutive days, which was quite alarming.

The dog is gazing ahead, as if searching for someone, according to @jimjimmie’s video. JimJimmie, an animal lover, invites the dog to come and eat, even if she is not hungry, and to rest in the shade. He often feeds stray dogs he encounters on the streets. Vaani saw the videos of the dog, which quickly became viral, and contacted JimJimmie. The dog is named Bairava, and it was discovered that Bairava had been missing for eight months after becoming separated from Vaani’s family when she was ill. According to Vaani, the dog was staying with a friend who didn’t lock the gate properly. Because it was the season for fireworks, Bairava was afraid and ran away. Vaani found Bairava as a stray dog five years ago, and her family spent a month searching for her but could not find her.

Vaani spent a whole month searching for her beloved dog in the neighborhood and calling out her name, but to no avail. Sadly, she didn’t come across Bairava during her search. However, after a long separation, when Vaani and her family finally found Bairava, they were overwhelmed with emotions and couldn’t hold back their tears. They hugged and cried with their dog, feeling relieved and grateful that they were reunited once again.



♬ Lagu Sedih – Muhammad abdul jafar

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