Husky born without paws gets new lease of life thanks to custom-built wheelchair

Everybody, meet Maya!

Maya is a beautiful Husky that was born a little bit different than other dogs. Maya had a rather rough start in life, much due to a disability she was worn with. You see, the pup was born without all of her four paws. As you can imagine, this made it extremely difficult for her to perform even the most basic movements, not to mention running or playing like other dogs can.

Maya also has other health problems. She also has a degenerative condition that affects her hips. And as if that wasn’t enough, Maya also suffers from a bine disorder that makes it even harder for her to move around.

With all those problems, it may seem like the cards were stacked against her. But Maya had something that no one could ever take from her: a strong spirit. The adorable Husky truly is a fighter!

And even though vets didn’t give her much chance, a kindhearted woman named Kit decided to offer her a forever home. Kit found Maya on Facebook, and instantly fell in love with her. With the help of a custom set of wheels and a little love and care from her new owner, Maya managed to come out the other side smiling.

One thing is for sure: she definitely wears a flower crown better than all of us. Also, have you ever seen a dog that is so photogenic? Honestly, she photographs better than most people I know. Take a look!


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