“Hyacinth and Tulip Bulb Growing Tips: Water-Based Method”

How to grow hyacinth and tulip bulbs in water

To make your tulip bulbs believe they went through winter and bloom successfully, you need to keep them in a constant cold environment while they are dormant. Short-stemmed tulips respond better than long-stemmed ones, so choose healthy and firm bulbs. Use clean vases and place a few balls inside to reduce water usage and let the roots of the bulb rest on them. Then, place the tulip bulb upside down inside the vase and pour clean water up to 1 cm below the bulb. Keep the vase in a cool and dark place for 16 weeks, changing the water regularly and maintaining it at the same level. After 16 weeks, move the vase to a sunny location and continue changing the water. Remember that the right climate is crucial for the growth of tulips inside water, so you may need cooling and sunlight. For hyacinth bulbs, use pots or vases with a small opening and reinforce the bottom to keep it away from water. Chill the bulbs in a labeled paper bag for eight weeks in a cool place. Place the vase in filtered light for ten days when the bulb starts to grow.

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