Innocent Pooch Left in the Dark as Cruel Owner Puts House on Market

The property’s previous proprietor heartlessly left his dog to fend for itself on the roadside after selling the estate. Despite being abandoned, Oscar remained loyal and believed that his human family would come back for him. For several months, Oscar waited patiently at the entrance of his former home in hopes of being reunited with his loved ones, but they never came back. Nonetheless, this sweet-natured dog refused to give up hope.

Oscar’s neighbors took it upon themselves to rotate feeding him, and he even made friends with a feline belonging to one of the neighbors. Despite receiving good care, Oscar still yearns for his family and feels unhappy. Thankfully, rescuers heard about his situation and came to his aid. Despite being abandoned, Oscar remains a beloved and gentle soul. Ultimately, the Love Furry Buddies stepped in and offered him a home.

After being taken to a veterinary clinic and receiving treatment for parasites, he was given a nice bath. Then, he was taken to a salon that welcomes pets so that he could receive extra care and attention. Following his pampering, he was taken to the beach to take some photos.

A lovely family caught sight of Oscar and instantly fell in love with him, eager to give him a forever home. Now, Oscar is living the high life with a Yorkie companion and an amazing family.

With their help and publicity on social media, his story received a lot of attention. These lovable children will most likely find loving families soon!

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