“Last Goodbye: Woman with Terminal Illness Says Farewell to Her Beloved Animals from Hospice Care”

Bob, a piebald Cob, was sorely missed by Ms Holman who had been longing to be reunited with him. Hospice staff went above and beyond by wheeling her to the patio doors while Bob’s caretakers brought him into the courtyard. Ms Holman expressed her immense gratitude towards the hospice staff for making this reunion with Bob possible. After all, Bob was an integral part of her life and she missed him dearly, especially since she used to ride him every day until a few weeks ago.

Ms. Holman received a delightful surprise from her two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels named Monty and Rowley, as featured in a photo by Hospice of the Good Shepherd/MEN.

Ms Holman expressed her disbelief at the kindness of the staff at Hospice of the Good Shepherd, who arranged for her dogs to visit her during her stay. She had known that such visits were possible due to a previous experience with a neighbor who was also a patient at the hospice, but never expected to see her horse Bob again. Ms Holman’s husband, Dennis, shared his relief at being able to include their pets on the visiting list, something they never thought would be possible.

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