Lonely Shelter Dog Seeks Companionship, Motivates Bonding Amidst Kennel Enclosure – Pet Journal

Manisha Shah, a volunteer from ACC, couldn’t resist the adorable sight of Barbie’s pleading face and her outstretched paws. As soon as she saw her, she felt an instant connection and offered her some affection. Shah couldn’t help but gush about Barbie’s charming personality, describing her as the most lovely little pup she had ever seen. When passing by her kennel, they would say hello and offer treats, and Barbie would excitedly flop around and beg for attention, hoping to be taken out. After waiting for her turn, Barbie finally got the chance to stick her small paws out through the feeding slot, and Shah couldn’t resist her irresistible charm.

After her previous caregiver gave her up, Barbie found herself at Brooklyn ACC. Despite losing her family, Barbie remained friendly and tried to make connections with everyone who came to the shelter. According to Shah, she enjoyed playing in the yard with toys and was always eager for cuddles on the bench. The staff also appreciated her curious nature.

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