Magical One-Eared Golden Retriever Puppy: A Delightful Sight

We have come across a Golden Retriever puppy that stands out from the rest due to her unique andaorable features. Her name is Rae, which interestingly spelled backward, spells ear. This little pup has become an Internet sensation with her unusual appearance, as she resembles a unicorn rather than a typical cute furry animal.

When Samantha Smith, a veterinary technician, posted a video of Rae on TikTok, the world fell in love with this Golden Retriever. Rae’s exceptional feature, her ear flopping around on top of her head, quickly made the video go viral. She is a delight to the eyes as her features are stunningly beautiful, reminding us how special and unique she is. Although it may look like a baby Mohawk, it’s her ear that adds to her cuteness factor.

Have you ever wondered how Rae’s deformity came about? According to the breeder, the exact cause is unknown, but it is suspected that her mother was too rough while cleaning off the placenta or amniotic sack which resulted in irreversible damage to Rae’s skin. As a result, all that remained was the canal with no skin. Fortunately, Rae was taken to the hospital for surgery shortly after birth, but it was uncertain whether she would make it through the ordeal.

According to Brianna Aardema, who takes care of Rae at Family Friends Veterinary Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the poor dog was extremely weak and on the brink of death when she arrived. There were concerns about whether Rae would even make it beyond the next two days. However, Brianna felt an instant connection with Rae and was determined to provide her with the best possible care, despite knowing that it wouldn’t be an easy journey.

After her surgery, she was closely monitored by medical professionals. Despite the uniqueness of her case, she appears to be recovering smoothly.

Living the life of a unicorn may seem like a dream come true, but it’s not always rainbows and sunshine. Taking care of Rae’s ears is a crucial aspect of her health, especially since Golden Retrievers are prone to ear infections. As a result, Rae undergoes regular check-ups and is prescribed antibiotics to ensure that she grows healthy and happy.

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