“Otherworldly Photography: Enormous Lunar Orb Appears to Gaze Through a Natural Desert Archway”

Towards the end of October, Zach Cooley, the photographer, went on a trip to Arches National Park located in Utah. To his amazement, he captured an extraordinary sight – a full moon captured through the North Windows Arch that resembled a colossal eye in the sky. The stunning images were shot in a single-exposure and appeared almost surreal, making it hard to believe that they were real.

Being in the right position at the right moment was crucial. Achieving accurate alignment requires standing precisely in a specific spot, as even a few steps in the wrong direction can result in missing the target. Cooley was anxious as the moment drew near, worried that he might not be in the correct position. However, his relief was palpable when he saw the desired target appear in the expected spot, giving him the confidence to go ahead with the planned shot.

Cooley has always been captivated by the idea of capturing the moon. He reminisces about a time when digital cameras were still new and his father attempted to take a photo of the full moon directly above them. Unfortunately, the photo did not turn out as expected, producing only a white disc without the intricate details visible to the naked eye. This is a common issue that persists even with modern cell phone cameras.

After starting his photography career, Cooley had a strong desire to improve his moon photography skills. He explains that the moon is not something we typically witness in our daily lives like a sunrise or sunset. Cooley finds capturing the moment when the moon appears on the horizon or touches the landscape during a set to be a unique and memorable experience. Cooley’s photographs, such as the “eye” at Arches National Park, showcase the beauty and wonder of the moon. His work serves as a powerful reminder of how incredible and fascinating our moon truly is.

Check out these amazing photos from his trip:

Cooley has made it his mission to capture stunning images of the moon through his photography.

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