Rediscovering Faith: The Story of a Flea-Infested Street Dog with Half an Ear

A homeless dog, bearing only half an ear and infested with fleas, regains faith after living on the streets for several years.

Every tiny pup deserves a life filled with joy, affection, and secure shelter. However, numerous furry friends are compelled to roam around the streets without a definite place to reside. They suffer from hunger, chilly weather, thirst, and especially mistreatment.

In just three years, Meg the pet dog has had her fair share of experiences. Recently, she arrived at a horse’s house in Texas, USA, and caught the attention of the restaurant owner. However, looking at her was difficult due to her neglected appearance – she was underfed, full of fleas and appeared to have spent a considerable amount of time on the streets. Meg’s sad eyes conveyed her hopelessness, as if she had given up on ever living a long and healthy life.

On Facebook, the owner of the horse shared the story of the unfortunate situation that the sick foal was in. In no time, kindhearted animal lovers stepped forward to offer their help and support.
A group from the This Is Houston Shelter made a visit to the owner’s residence to meet Meg and even brought her a refreshing drink. Upon seeing the foal’s condition, they immediately took action to alleviate her pain and suffering.
Every effort was made to ensure that the pet dog was treated with respect and dignity throughout the process.

Meg was discovered to be weighing below five kilograms, and the veterinarian who examined her revealed that hers was one of the most severe cases he had encountered. The poor feline had lice, infections, and was infested with fleas, with a half-missing ear adding to her woes.

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