Rising from the Depths of Despair to Breathtaking Beauty

A couple who were ill have received a punishment for neglecting their Lurcher dog and causing it to die from starvation. According to animal welfare investigators, this is one of the most appalling cases of animal cruelty they have ever come across. Kerry Patterson (35) and Reece Milburn (30) falsely claimed that they found Tiggy, their three-year-old dog, abandoned on a roadside and reported it to their local council.

A protection officer for animals paid a visit to a house in Blyth, Northumberland. He expressed that the animal’s situation was the most distressing he had witnessed during his 15 years on the job. In the picture, Tiggy appeared to have almost no fur on her body and her bony ribs were visible.

Tiggy was in a very bad state when she was found – dehydrated, covered in rashes and infested with mites. She was so weak that she couldn’t even stand up. This all happened just a few days before Christmas in 2019, and pictures of her condition quickly spread online. Eventually, Northumberland County Council made an appeal to try and find Tiggy’s owners.

After a few days, numerous letters were sent to the council claiming that Tiggy belonged to Patterson and Milburn. On March 3, Thursday, the couple went to North Tyneside Magistrates Court where they admitted to causing unnecessary harm to a protected species and neglecting their other dog, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Enzo, a terrier suffering from a skin disease and mite infestation, was among the neglected dogs.

The pair received a 12-week prison sentence and a lifelong ban on owning or caring for animals, as well as a £120 victim fee each. The council spokesperson referred to it as one of the most heinous cases of animal cruelty in the county. He also stated that their animal welfare team worked tirelessly to investigate instances of animal neglect and abuse and bring the guilty parties to justice. Despite the two-year wait, the attorney was pleased that the former owners of Tiggy finally faced justice in court.

The dedication of the staff at Berwick Animal Rescue Centre led to a happy ending for Tiggy. She is now thriving and enjoying her new life with fellow furry friends, as well as a fresh start with a different name. It’s wonderful to see her healthy and content.

Enzo, the other furry companion of the couple, is currently residing in a kennel and eagerly anticipating a new forever home. Don’t hesitate to spread the word and share this information with your loved ones!

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