Saving a Canine’s Life: Helping a Dog with a Broken Femur and Damaged Spine

One ordinary day, we got a call about a street dog that was in pain and hiding. Upon our arrival, we discovered that the dog had a severely broken femur and spinal injuries. It was apparent that the dog had experienced a lot of hardship, so we knew we needed to act quickly to provide him with the proper care and attention he needed.


After rushing him to our hospital, we initiated treatment for Champ’s injuries and gave him the care he needed, including a six-week bedrest, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, and an abundance of love and support. Despite our efforts, Champ couldn’t stand on his own, leaving us heartbroken and believing that he would forever be unable to use his hind legs. However, Champ was a warrior with an unyielding determination to recover. Gradually, we noticed a positive change as his hind legs started moving and he began making progress. Although it was a slow process, Champ’s progress filled us with hope that he would eventually be able to walk again.

As time passed by, Champ showed a steady improvement. He put in a lot of effort during his physiotherapy sessions and our team provided him with a lot of affection and motivation. Despite the difficulties, he remained resolute to recover.


It’s amazing to see the changes in Champ just one year after we rescued him. He’s now a cheerful and lively dog that enjoys running around and having fun. It’s hard to believe that he was once a neglected stray, suffering from a broken leg and damaged spine. Champ’s progress is truly inspiring to everyone who knows him.

The tale of Champ showcases the remarkable impact of love and perseverance. It serves as a gentle nudge that in times of utter despair, there’s still a chance for a brighter future. Champ’s prospects are exceptionally promising, and we can all draw inspiration from his story. His journey teaches us that with unwavering love, nurturing and commitment, we can conquer any challenge that comes our way.

Our achievements would not have been possible without your backing. As a non-profit entity, we depend on the kindness of our contributors to enable us to keep rescuing animals such as Champ. Every contribution you make could positively impact the well-being of these adorable creatures. We appreciate your viewership and, most importantly, your unwavering support

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