“The Heartless Act of Abandoning a Dog: Rescuers Save Pup from Trash After 6 Days”

This fortunate pup was rescued from a dreadful fate through a series of miraculous events. The lady who was supposed to be her owner abandoned her when she left, abandoning a precious creature that only knows how to give and receive love unconditionally. The poor pup remained there for six days until a happy ending finally came her way.


In 2014, Nathan Binnis, a sanitation worker from Somerset Area, Pennsylvania, stumbled upon an alarming sight when he lifted the lid of a dumpster. Upon discovering that one of the bags started moving as they were disposing of the garbage, he immediately contacted the Humane Society of Westmoreland County. It turned out that a malnourished puppy was inside the bag, which they named Fawna. Daily Mail reports that Fawna was severely underweight to the point where her ribs were visible. The Humane Society provided care for Fawna.


Jen indicated:


Fawna was lucky enough to find a new home with a veterinary technician who will provide her with the best care possible. Despite her expected weight of 50 pounds, Fawna only weighed 17 pounds when the Humane Society rescued her. The poor pup was in a severe state of malnutrition after being abandoned in a garbage can for approximately six days.


Fawna was found with the help of its microchip, but before that, its owner Nicole Baker had already moved to Texas. However, the authorities arrested her on charges of animal abuse. She was found guilty in 2015 and had to pay a fine as well as undergo a mental health evaluation.


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