The Rare and the Beautiful! “fire rainbows” also known as iridescent clouds appeared unexpectedly in the US sky

This is an extremely beautiful but very rare natural phenomenon…

These are pictures of a fire rainbow – a very rare rainbow in nature, a fire rainbow is a very strange atmospheric phenomenon. It is very rare that people can capture these beautiful pictures of this rainbow.

The phenomenon of fire rainbows, also known as iridescent clouds, has the scientific name of circumhorizontal arc.

This phenomenon occurs only when the sun shines through tiny ice crystals that form at an altitude of thousands of meters.

Rainbows usually appear at an altitude of 20,000 ft (~6000m), and the sun must be facing 58 degrees with these clouds.

They look like rainbows in flames, it’s not the rainbow we usually see, it’s actually long bands of colorful light near the clouds.

When sunlight hits the surface of the water crystals of the cloud, refraction occurs, creating a spectrum of light.

This phenomenon is very rare because the water molecules have to line up in a horizontal line for the sunlight to shine right in.

besides, this special phenomenon only lasts for a short time about half an hour and it will be lucky if we catch this rare sight.

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