This flower will make others fall in love with your garden

wiɩd anemone is one of the flower designations of Da Lat city and when coming back every November, people eagerly invite each other to Da Lat to see wiɩd sunflowers. The places to see wiɩd sunflowers in Da Lat are very diverse, this wiɩd and vibrant flower grows in many places in Da Lat, you can see them in the city or wander to the streets outside the suburbs. . If you have faɩɩen in love with the charming yellow color of wiɩd sunflowers, this November, do not miss the appointment with the beautiful flower viewing places in Da Lat below.

Da Lat is a beautiful wiɩd sunflower paradise in the Central Highlands. Photo: Hoang Trung Duc

The most beautiful places to see wiɩd sunflowers in Da Lat fascinate travel enthusiasts

1. Ankroet Road and Cam Ly Airport

This is a place to see wiɩd sunflowers in Da Lat, familiar to virtual life enthusiasts. Come to the appointment again, every flowering season coming to this area “changes clothes, becoming one of the very HOT check-in places to attract young people. Flowers in this area are many, blooming brilliantly, so you will have the feeling of being checked-in in the middle of a sea of enchanting yellow flowers. In addition to wiɩd sunflowers, the Cam Ly airport area is also very close to Van Thanh flower village, so you can combine check-in with many other beautiful flowers of Da Lat.

The area of Ankhoet street and Cam Ly airport is very beautiful in flower season. Photo:@nganbella

Blooming flowers make you fall in love. Photo: Hoang Trung Duc.

2. Dalat University

No need to go too far, this place to see wiɩd sunflowers in Da Lat is located right in the city center. The students of Da Lat University love it and often check in every flowering season. The school campus has many golden corners, but the most beautiful and flowery area is the school’s physical yard. If you come to Dalat University but you do not know where the check-in area is, please ask the students of the school.

Da Lat University is also a beautiful flower street in the heart of the city. Photo: Kha Thu

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3. Prenn Pass and Lien Khuong Expressway

Prenn Pass is one of the most famous and loved places to watch wiɩd sunflowers in Da Lat. In the flower season, the winding pass road will become much more poetic because of the beautiful yellow flowers combined with the pine roads on both sides of the pass to create a wonderful landscape.

Preen Pass also has a lot of wiɩd sunflowers. Photo: Nguyen Hon

The section of Lien Khuong highway has become quite familiar to many devotees traveling to Da Lat, this gateway area is also a very beautiful wiɩd sunflower paradise, flowers growing in many sections stretching along the road. Especially, from here, if you look towards Elephant Mountain, you will see a whole hill dyed with bright yellow flowers.

Blooming yellow flowers fascinate travelers. Photo: Phi Anh

4. Tuyen Lam Lake area

Possessing a beautiful and charming scene all year round, Tuyen Lam Lake in the wiɩd sunflower season becomes even more romantic every season “Kneeling in the mountain town”. You can start from the Dinh 3 area and you will go through a very long road full of wiɩd sunflowers. You turn in the direction of the road to the resort tunnel clay, in turn, the segment you will see beautiful scenery with lots of wilds beside Tuyen Lam lake, this is the place watching wiɩd Dalat pretty fascinated by many people welcome.

Flowers blooming everywhere is the perfect virtual living bacgrouk. Photo: Hoang Le Nguyen

You can freely check-in according to your preferences. Photo: Pham Yen

5. Ta Nung Pass area

Ta Nung Pass is a place with a lot of wiɩd sunflowers, therefore, every season, this road attracts many tourists to come and see the flowers. As soon as you go down the pass, you will see a lot of large and small anemones blooming brilliantly, you can enjoy the enchanting beauty or check-in among the briɩɩiant flowers to live virtual.

If you want to live a virtual life with wiɩd sunflowers, Ta Nung is the route you should not miss. Photo: Han Han

The road to the area of Ma La Coffee shop also has beautiful blooming flowers. Photo: Trang Bui

There are still many beautiful places to see Da Lat wiɩd sunflowers for you to visit and check-in such as the road to Suoi Vang lake, the way to Trai Mat, Cau Dat, the way to Da Lat Milk, or the way to Ma La Coffee. You can see this wildflower in many places in Da Lat and no matter where it is, this flower is always in full bloom, full of life, dyeing a shiny golden color to adorn the dream city.

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