Title: A Mother’s Unwavering Love for Her Deceased Puppy: A Heartbreaking Yet Touching Scene of Protection and Mourning. – Pooch’s Eternal Love

In September of last year, Lenny Rose Ellema, who is the proud owner of Bettie, shared a poignant video that will tug at your heartstrings. The clip captures Bettie digging a small trench with her paws before laying her deceased pup down to rest. Her motherly instincts were on full display as she carefully covered the tiny body with earth. The footage is both touching and emotional.

As per a news article on Diario Sevilla Rose, hailing from Pangasinan province in the Philippines, Bettie – a four-year-old dog, had recently lost one of her puppies. However, she displayed her maternal instincts to revive and take care of it. This was not the first time Bettie had gone through such an ordeal, as she had lost another puppy during birth a year ago.

According to the report, Bettie’s actions were not something she learned or practiced. Instead, they seemed to come instinctively to her. Despite being overwhelmed by sorrow, she remained committed to her child. She took great care in burying him and continued to watch over his grave even after he had passed away.

Bettie’s touching act shows how much she cared for her deceased puppy. She seemed to want to shield him from the world and give him a peaceful resting spot. Some animal specialists suggest that animals bury their dead young to protect them from predators and keep the rest of the litter safe. The footage of Bettie’s burial ceremony is both moving and emotional, with over 14 thousand views. Thankfully, further videos posted by the same user later on show that Bettie recovered from the loss and is doing great.

Watch the video below:

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