“Triumph of a Resilient Poodle: Living Life to the Fullest After Double Amputation of Front Legs”

Zach Skow, the creator of Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue, and his wife Heather Skow saved a small poodle named Cora Rose from a tragic car accident. Her legs were shattered as well as her spirit. Quickly, they rushed her to Bakersfield Veterinary Hospital where she was forced to have both her front legs removed.

Fortunately, Cora was a resilient young lady. The discomfort subsided swiftly as she gradually attempted to shift and commenced wagging her tail.

Over time, the puppy made strides in standing and walking on her hind legs. As her leg muscles developed, her overall demeanor grew more joyful. Today, this incredible pup can stand tall like a champion and even hop like a kangaroo. She never stops pushing forward, and when she needs a break, she has her trusty wheelchair to speedaound in.

Cora’s life is fantastic and she relishes it every day. The Skow family has welcomed her with open arms and she feels like she belongs. She meshes well with the other dogs in the family, shares a beautiful bond with Zach and Heather’s little girl, and is even helping the toddler learn to walk.

If you’re a fan of Cora and want to see more of her charming experiences, check out her Instagram page. And if you appreciate her hard work, don’t hesitate to spread the word by sharing this post!

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