Unexpected Hero: Man Saves Abandoned Puppy from Sewer During Thunderstorm

Can you remember when you were a kid and always getting into trouble? Despite the discipline from our mothers, those memories are worth revisiting time and time again.

As reported by the Daily Mail, a group of rescuers made an effort to save a dog that had been trapped inside a sewer for over four days in Bahia Blanca, located in Buenos Aires state in the eastern region of Argentina.

The footage reveals that there was a distressed dog who got stuck in the sewer and couldn’t escape. However, it could still breathe by stretching out its head, nose, and paws above the drain surface. There’s no apparent explanation regarding how the dog ended up there. Nonetheless, with the joint efforts of Baha Blanca’s local authorities and Civil Defense employees, they were able to rescue the terrified canine.

The scared pooch had been stuck in a sewer for days and finally popped his head out, unsure of what to do next. Fortunately, residents from the Roca and Terrada crossroads came to his aid with food and water while they phoned 911 to alert authorities.

The rescue team from Civil Defense responded promptly to the situation and, although it was challenging, they were able to successfully extract the trapped pup. Fortunately, the little furry creature was safely transported to the Second Section where a loving family eagerly adopted him. Check out the video of the heartwarming rescue below:

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