“Unwavering Determination of a Blind Canine in a Cold World”

Introducing Aadam! As per the Paws Show YouTube channel, Aadam was found in a dire condition, almost on the verge of death. He collapsed on the street and it seemed unlikely that he would make it. Aadam was severely ill and malnourished, indicating that he may have been neglected for quite some time. Additionally, he was suffering from a broken bone, which must have been excruciating for the poor little thing.


They took him straight to the clinic using rescue vehicles.


This little pup, who is estimated to be just three months old, had a really tough start in life. He suffered broken hind legs and was also attacked by pesky ticks. The vets wasted no time and conducted various tests including ultrasounds of the abdomen and heart, as well as x-rays, with the aim of saving all four of his feet. Thankfully, Aadam underwent surgery successfully, although it was a long and difficult procedure. His wounds are being treated and kept clean to promote healing. Additionally, Aadam has received treatment for parasites and vaccinations to help him on his road to recovery.


Aadam is currently in the early stages of his recovery journey and requires specialized treatment and ongoing assessment from a surgeon to ensure he receives the necessary care.


Adam is now able to walk again and it’s truly a delight to witness his remarkable progress. Seeing him take those first few steps brings so much joy to our hearts. We’re grateful that we were able to meet him and witness his transformation into a happy baby with a bright future ahead. Julia, who remembers Adam’s journey, expressed her happiness for him.


The adorable dog had some amazing news to follow, as seen in the video below. It’s always heartwarming to witness a happy conclusion.


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