Warm Fuzzies: Husky and Baby Sister Share Adorable Sleeping Snuggles!

Ever since Daisy was born, Millie the husky has been her loyal companion and best friend. Their bond is unbreakable, with Millie always keeping a watchful eye over Daisy and Daisy adoring Millie with all her heart. Despite Millie’s size and fluffiness, Daisy is never scared of her and always greets her with giggles and smiles.


As soon as Daisy sees Millie, the husky, she can’t contain her excitement! She loves cuddling up with the big pup and they always end up falling asleep together. It’s no surprise that dogs have a special connection with babies, as stated by the American Kennel Club. Spending time with children helps build strong bonds and affection between dogs and their little human companions.


Parents often see dogs as great companions for their children because they can play and give them attention. Having a dog is believed to be beneficial for kids, as it brings happiness and boosts serotonin and dopamine levels. Additionally, growing up with a furry friend can boost a baby’s immune system.


Canine companions are exceptional at detecting the delicate nature of babies. Given their instinctual inclination to safeguard members of their pack, including their human counterparts, dogs tend to assume a protective role towards infants. This tendency was exemplified by Daisy’s four-legged friend, Millie, who was so at ease that she dozed off with Daisy. While the newborn slept, Millie kept a watchful eye and even embraced her with her paws to ensure that she felt snug and secure.


There’s nothing quite like the love and loyalty of dogs. These furry animals have huge hearts and give us nothing but unconditional love. It’s truly heartwarming to see how much they care for us.

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