“When a Little Pup in Need Became My Unlikely Lifesaver”

Throughout my time as a licensed veterinary technician, I have come across many puppies that have been injured. Working in emergency medicine has allowed me to witness so many animals that are in dire need of help, but there is one puppy that truly touched my heart. This was about five years ago when I arrived at the animal hospital ready for a typical shift. As soon as I walked in, my eyes were drawn to a tiny puppy lying on the treatment table with several wounds, clearly distressed from her traumatic experience.

When I saw the wounded puppy, the technician in charge was occupied with other patients, so I took over. The puppy’s small body had multiple puncture wounds that surprised me, and yet she showed extraordinary resilience despite her suffering. As I gathered more information about her condition, I realized how desperate her situation was.

A tiny puppy was badly hurt in an incident where two larger dogs attacked her, flinging her about like a toy. The puppy’s owner was thrilled to show off her new pet to her neighbors, bringing her outside and placing her on the ground with their two adult dogs. Because the owner didn’t know how to properly introduce dogs to each other, she was taken aback when the larger dogs immediately attacked the small puppy. If we hadn’t acted quickly, the 6-week-old puppy would have died, but her owner didn’t understand just how serious the situation was. Although the owner was old enough to take care of a pet, she didn’t yet grasp the amount of care that the puppy would need.

Following a series of diagnostic tests, it was confirmed that the poor pup had sustained a multitude of severe injuries, including multiple fractured ribs, a fractured femur, and a fractured hip. The extent of her suffering had left her in a state of shock, and even if she were to pull through, it was clear that her road to recovery would be long and arduous. As the young owner recognized that she would be unable to provide the necessary care for the puppy moving forward, she considered taking her home as is. However, upon hearing her story, I became deeply invested in the welfare of this remarkable dog, and decided to offer her a loving home myself. From then on, my journey with this extraordinary pup began.

Upon giving her the endearing name Ellie, our journey towards recovery began. I used the term “our” because I was also going through a challenging phase at that point and needed healing as well. Ellie came into my life just as I was making efforts to stay sober, and she proved to be an invaluable companion who supported me during the toughest endeavor I had ever faced.

After Ellie’s hip injury, she underwent a rigorous treatment that included an FHO procedure and external fixators on her femur for two months. Though it was a challenging and demanding process, the outcome was worth it. Fortunately, the removal of her fixators gave her the freedom to live the life of a playful and energetic puppy, which was all she ever wanted.

As a result of her loyal companionship, Ellie became one of my closest friends. She stood by me through numerous sleepless nights, heartbreaking moments, and the various challenges I encountered in my journey towards sobriety.

For the past five years, I have maintained my sobriety, and I owe a great deal of my progress to the love and support shown by my furry companion during my most challenging moments. Without a doubt, Ellie is the dog that holds a special place in my heart, and I cannot imagine living without her.

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