When Nature takes a stand against civilization, this is how it asserts its dominance and emerges victorious – Sky News

Think moving to a big city is a simple way to escape “nature“? Well, you might want to think again! Humans have a tendency to think we can outsmart the natural world by paving away mud, and constructing concrete and metal buildings with airtight windows to keep out “wild animals.” But, nature has a funny way of telling us – or rather showing us – that we’re not as clever as we might think.

In the modern world, the wilderness has become the antithesis of civilization. After all, it wouldn’t be very “civilized” of us to live in the woods and make houses out of leaves and rocks! But, for every brick we lay to block out nature and claim our own domination of this strange “other” world, nature fights back.

Given the damage we’ve done to the planet over the past thousand years or so, nature could use a win. So let’s celebrate some awesome times when nature showed us precisely how it feels about our “civilization.”

Think your car will help you escape nature … think again.

We can fight all we want, but nature knows peace is best.

Now this is what we call a mega-win.

And they were like, “Yeah! Let’s build a warehouse next to the ocean … what’s the worst that could happen … *scoff*”

You might want to reconsider leaving your house unattended when you go on vacation.

Miracle Grow? This tree prefers sheer power.

Sometimes you need a little more space that a tiny square of dirt. You definitely don’t want to text while walking in this walkway!

This is what we call an all-out rebellion against “landscaping.”

Some people say we treat the natural world like the toilet of civilization. Oh, the irony!

Some people enjoy looking at trees outside their windows. This tree is just making it easier for everyone involved.

Which came first: the building or the tree?

You say abandoned diving cage; nature says “home.”

You can build up as high as you like; with the help of photosynthesis, these plants will make it to the top.

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